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PRESS RELEASE : Joining the realm of names of stature such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Armani and Delta, comes a new cologne, a new fragrance, a new definition of class, sophistication and style with the arrival of ..... KEVIN..... An evolution in lifestyle, KEVIN delivers an unprecedented level of seductive alluring indulgence in a post beach spritz.

In a statement from Kevin, ā€œWhile I was recovering from surgery, I was constantly thinking how can I connect with my fans, and then it came to me, give them a smell that defines me. Macadamia oil, cause macadamias are toxic to dogs and I like to live on the edge and vanilla cause Iā€™m sweet and I like the icecream and Kakadu plum extract cause it sounds expensive.ā€

KEVIN is in-store now in all good retailers.

All profits from the sale of KEVIN will be donated to Wildlife Volunteers Association Inc (Wilvos), because Kevin likes possums.

Disclaimer: This product does not contain any extract of Kevin nor smell like Kevin.
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