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Just like a regular doctor, Beachside Veterinary Surgery provides a prescription for medications required by your pet. If it is a long term medication Beachside Veterinary Surgery will provide repeats (provided meeting AVA PAB and expiry Guidelines) to owners and medication can be collected from the pharmacy when required.

Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Guidelines

Please note that under the relevant law, any Prescription Animal Remedy (Schedule 4) or other restricted drugs can only be supplied to clients under the following conditions:

  • The animal(s) is under the care of a registered veterinarian, and has become a bone fide client of Beachside Veterinary Surgery.
  • That veterinarian has sufficient knowledge of the medical condition of the animal(s) to prescribe appropriate treatment.
  • Clients are made aware of safety considerations prior to use and are aware of follow-up requirements and to avoid antibiotic usage with the concern of antibiotic resistance. 

By law, the supply of restricted drugs to clients is not permitted unless their animal(s) is on our records, or has been examined at this practice.

Accordingly, any owners travelling with animals requiring such medication will need to provide an authority from their own veterinarian before such drugs can be dispensed.

Alternatively, we will need to either contact that veterinarian and/or clinically examine the animal(s). Please direct any further questions to one of our staff or seek further information via the Australian Veterinary Association Prescribing and Dispensing Guidelines Appendix 14. Thank you for your cooperation.

Bring your own veterinary prescription

Ask your local veterinarian for a prescription and compare our service. We specialize in long term medications, sourcing compounded medications. All prescriptions must meet AVA Prescribing Guidelines.

Send us a message below with the details of your prescription and we can let you know the next steps.